Here are some sample datasets and maps.
See also: To do: add descriptive comments at top of files with dialect data
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[   ]Bantu.kml2013-02-27 10:56 64KMap for Bantu dialect data
[TXT]Bantu.u162013-02-27 10:56 99KBantu dialect data, encoding: UTF-16
[TXT]Bantu.utxt2013-02-27 10:56 54KBantu dialect data, encoding: UTF-8
[   ]Demo-Pennsylvania.kml2013-02-27 10:56 12KDemo Pennsylvania, map
[TXT]Demo-Pennsylvania.utxt2013-02-27 10:56 306KDemo Pennsylvania, data
[TXT]Dutch613-coordinates.txt2018-09-16 15:06 20K 
[   ]Dutch613.kml2013-02-27 10:56 240KMap for Dutch dialect data (Meertens)
[TXT]Dutch613.u162013-02-27 10:56 3.6MDutch dialect data (Meertens), encoding: UTF-16
[TXT]Dutch613.utxt2013-02-27 10:56 2.3MDutch dialect data (Meertens), encoding: UTF-8
[   ]Dutch613.xlsx2018-09-16 15:02 2.3M 
[   ]IPA.def2017-11-21 17:55 8.9K 
[TXT]Nederlands-ipa.u162013-02-27 10:56 646KDutch dialect data (RND), encoding: UTF-16
[TXT]Nederlands-ipa.utxt2013-02-27 10:56 443KDutch dialect data (RND), encoding: UTF-8
[TXT]Nederlands-xsampa.txt2013-02-27 10:56 373KDutch dialect data (RND), encoding: X-SAMPA
[   ]Nederlands.kml2013-02-27 10:56 122KMap for Dutch dialect data (RND)
[   ]Nederlands2.kml2013-02-27 10:56 120KMap for Dutch dialect data (RND) - without new polders
[TXT]Nordavinden-08.utxt2013-02-27 10:56 4.7K 
[TXT]Nordavinden-20.utxt2013-02-27 10:56 18K 
[   ]Pennsylvania-67.kml2013-02-27 10:56 12KPennsylvania, map, by county
[   ]Pennsylvania-158.kml2013-02-27 10:56 23KPennsylvania, map, by informant
[   ]world-countries.kmz2013-02-27 10:56 1.2M 

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